Taroko gorge remixes and own work

New blog post and this time it’s about Taroko gorge remixes. This blog post will look at two different remixes of this populear e-lit, “snowball” and “along the Briny beach” to see what new they bring to the table

Taroko Gorge,” Nick Montfort’s 2009 nature poem has been the inspiration for many remixes. The original and simpel nature of the piece have inspiret many to make fun and interesting remixes of the piece like “tokyo garage”by Scott Rettberg and “snowball” by Alireza Mahzoon.

Snowball is in my opinion a fun and good remix of the e-litt. Instead just a green backgrou and and text. The e-lit have white-grey background with white text plus the text move atleast twise as fast and in a more poetick pattern inspired by the snowball style of poems. The reason I maybe like this more is that I like the winter and snow themes. The text generates faster is a good thing becouse thats meens you dobt need to wait and its more straith forward.  So In my opinionI like this remix becouse Its faster and the winter/snow theme make it apeall better to me.

The other remix is along the “Briny beach” by J.R Carpenter. In this remix J.R. Carpenter infused the original source code with coastal language, and used jacescript  to insert  beach themed texts and images into the generated page. This make the e-lit more interesting and change it personality alot. Personal I understand why the remix do it this way becoyse beach is fun with alot of things, but i think its to messy and all the pictures and text that scrolls on from the sides take awy from the real poem. This is personal and from a designer point of view the e-lit is great, but perdonaly its messy. Alot is going on and you constantly need to change focus on the screen.

A big question that comes up with this remixes is are fow creative are they and are they just copies of an already popular e-lit. My anwer to this is if the remix are true to the original (you can see what the inspiratoion are and how the original piece worked) and you give the remix an own personality the remix is something new. Whats cool about all the taroko georges remixes is that they gave the same look and work i  the same way, but they all have different personality thanks to what text generates and the color schemes on the page.


For my own e-lit project uppdate, I will talk about how I will talk about mapping ideas and how the project may interact with the reader.

The way I plan to have the mapoin on the project is that the reader star wiht 5-6 differents titles on the screen and they lead tho different stories. The plan right now is that If you press rhe title you will be exploring a song lyric that is important to a person and see different way you can interact with it. After a while the reader will come to the end screen of that lyric and the end screen will be a personal story from a person that have/had problem with deppresion and how the song helped them battle it.

The different song lyrics have all different tone and I will try to make the different ways fell unik and personal, but I will also try to make them have the same similaritys so its not 5 different e-lit in one


See you next week


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