Being @SpencerPratt and own e-lit project

Spencer Pratt has over 1 million followers, but what would happend if he lost his phone and it was founs by a british poet?

In 2013 was an on the TV show Big brother his twitter starting to post strange tweets. The tweets was strange for several reasons. First, on Big brother you are not aloved to have a phone or computere, second the tweets was about that he was Spencer Pratt and so on.

The mysterie man was revalede as Tempspence who was an obscure British poet. When he “found” Spencer Pratt’s phone, he sussenly got Spencer’s 1 million Twitter followers.

After three weeks there the followers and Tempspence played poetry gameson Pratts twitter, Pratt was done with the show was aloved to use his twitter again he saw his twitter and asked who the poet was.

It was later revaled that it was actuall Pratt himself with the help of Mark C Marino and Rob Wittig. Over the course of 3 weeks, Tempspence generated hundreds of Tweets.tjat Pratts follower played with and had fun with


My opinion with this e-lit is I think is really funny and intresting. I think is cool how a celeberty can engange his followers to actuall make Netprov, also netprov is a fun way to make poems. Netprov is a great way to make litrature and you dont know what you will get in the end.


Own e-lit project

For my own e-lit project I have plans to make a textbased interactive collection about depression. I will take inspiration from other e-lits like “Like stars in a clear night sky”. Im not quite sure how it should look like and what mechanics i will i use to engage the reader, but im a try and fail person that like to experience with differnt styles and tools so I get something done.

I will writte about depression because i think its a important subject to shine light on. Also in the three e-lit collection its almost a lack of works that are about this subject.

The text I will use (I think) is actuall not my own texts but lyrics from songs that helped me when I had a big problem with deppression a somethime ago. This Is maybe cheathing but I will make the reader fell how i felt when i’d listen to this songs.

To end this weeks blogg post heres is one of my favorite songs that helped my alot back in the days. See you soon



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