First of thanks to Dr. Mia Zamora that let me write about Konoll 2017 in this weeks blog. Second this blog post is late and short  because I having problem with an bacterial infection in my foot that im dealing with and having some problem with , anyway lets start.

Konsoll started with Jo-Remi Madsen talking about the 10 years of developing Owlboy and how about not to lose hope when you see no end in a project. For me this was alot of fun. As a studnet I hav alot of deadlines and its easy to lose hope, but like Jo-Remi said its not about have hope to finish a project but make it a goal to finishh the project and this can be hard.

The one presentation that I like most was Jake Elliot Plyful text. noe as an E-lit student I undersatnd how text can work in videogames and e-lit. Jake Eliott talket about how branching worked and how  you make different text choose with help of hypertext and patterne poetry. His game Kentucky Route Zero is a game that easily can be called an e-lit bcouse the game plot is about how you interact with people wih the help of text patterns. A eyeopener for me was when I talked with him after his speak about different generes and video games and E-lit was wheen I asked him what he tought about his game as an e-lit, he said: I like how different people can have different opinions about genre. I just make it, its up to other people to define what is it.” This was an eye opener for me because I have always tried to see the different in e-lit and videogames, but he said that hes just making a thing that he like and he dosent care what it is as long as he is happy. I think thats is importhant that people make e-lit pieces or videogames without thinking if it is this or that but just a thing that you happy with.


The rest of Konsoll was alot of fun I loved to talked more about it but his is all i manage right now. sorry about that and see you soon




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