Kuryokhin: Second Life 

Kuryokhin: Second Life is as I understand an simulator of Sergey Kuryokhin’s afterlife, a choose your based on the bio of the avantgarde composer and the one of the leader of Leningrad’s cultural life in the 1980s

The piece is a e-lit that borrows some game elements to tell the stuy. The way you navigate is the yse of hypertext there you vlick on words that brings you to the next page and continui the story. Based on your what you picked the three different meters may inncrease or deacrease.

Health: 5/10
Knowledge: 5/10
Madness: 5/10

This is the game element in this e-lit. I will call this a game element because thecrwader have can pick diffenrent ways to read the e-lit and thst effekts how you can read it. If you want to go to record music you need enough gealt point. If you want to do politics your knowledge may go upp but your health goes down. This affect the “gameplay”. I did go trought this e-lit 3 times and two of the times I needed to go to the hospital ho recover health. The third time I got to mouch madbess and I straight upp killed my self and nedded to start over.

I liked how this machanic is used. You need to make difficult decisions and see whats best for you. If you have 7 health points but only 4 knowledges maybe you can risk going to the politxal meeting and get moore knowledge. I think many people in real life feel like this, like you can choose to hang out with friends, this holds you madness level in check, but maybe you are tired and your health takes a hit.

In this review/reaction I have focused on the “gameplay’ and how different accepect of life can take away something but give something new in return. This is because I dont know to much about Sergey Kuryokhin and how his life was.  But I have got the understanding from this e-lit that he was a troubled soul abd I would love to learn moore about him


See you next time


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